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Order Avalon Singer Concert Tickets


Everyone loves Purdy's Chocolates - a perfect Holiday Gift!

Avalon Singers are a Registered Charity at Purdy's!


Buying Purdy's Chocolates from any Avalon Singer is easy,

and can also be accomplished online. 

Please email a member for the direct link.


It is the exact same price as retail locations.  The difference

is that they offer a 25% bonus for non-profit's like us!


                      Any member would be happy to take your order.

                      Thank you for your support!  We REALLY appreciate it.


Return-It - It's Worth It


We are a REGISTERED Bottle Depot Charity


    Please donate your refund to Avalon Singers at any of the three Bottle Depots in Victoria.   It's a great way to give and we really appreciate it!  We accept bottles at every rehearsal or call

or email for any special arrangements


                  YES - Choir members will be happy to pick them up! 


Avalon Singers Cook BookCookin’ with the Choir

Avalon Singers Cook Book:   $10.

(still available)